The Physiognomy of Audi




The Physiognomy of Audi




The design of Audi equipped with a perfect proportion is reinterpreted with physiognomy. From old times, East Asia has held the idea that a human face carries the whole universe in it, including the person’s life, personality, and destiny. Just as a person has his or her physiognomy, I think a car has its physiognomy. Then, what is the physiognomy of Audi like? 





Chapter 1. Ears - Longevity free from accidents


Chapter 2. Eyes - Trustworthy


Chapter 3. Mouth - Integrity


Chapter 4. Nose - Adventure



"It’s awesome to assume that objects like cars have their own physiognomy."


"Graphics, sound, and narration register a high level of perfection."


"It's a novel thing to see the design elements for Audi interpreted through physiognomy.”