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Book Messenger

Penguin Books

To encourage children to read more books, we created an app for Penguin Books. Book Messenger is a chatbot app inside Facebook Messenger that reads to children like talking to friends.


Art Direction, Concept, Design, Editing, Motion graphic


Jiwon Ko, Haeyoon Jhun, Seonhaeng Lee, Miyeon Shin


2 weeks


In the digital-heavy world, the number of children's reading has declined more than 20% sharply since 2010. They read by choice only once or twice a year. However, one in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, almost 3000 texts a month.


- Children feel bored to read books, but they enjoy texting and reading in messengers
- Text messages can help boost children’s reading skills

Fun Reading Experience for Kids

A totally different reading experience - allowing children to read books with interactive experiences through chatbots, Q&A, audio clips, emoji, and much more.


Featured on AKQA, Ad Age, FAST CO.CREATE, Creativepool, L'ADN, PAGE, HORIZONT, MediaPost, Little Black Book, and more.