Book Messenger

Penguin Books

To encourage children to read more books, we created an app for Penguin Books. Book Messenger is a chatbot app inside Facebook Messenger that reads books to children like talking to friends.


Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Design, Editing, Motion Graphic


Jiwon Ko, Haeyoon Jhun, Seonhaeng Lee, Miyeon Shin


2015 - 2016


In the digital-heavy world, the number of children's reading has declined more than 20% sharply since 2010. They read by choice only once or twice a year. However, one in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, almost 3000 texts a month.



Children feel bored reading books, but they enjoy texting and reading in messengers


Text messages can help boost children’s reading skills

Fun Reading Experience for Kids

A totally different reading experience - allowing children to read books with interactive experiences through chatbots, Q&A, audio clips, emoji, and much more.

Conversation Flow

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