Self-Initiated Project

Drodro is an AR camera filter app for family with kids. AR experience with their kids' artwork.


Concept, UX/UI, Branding


Self-Initiated Project


Oct 2018 - Ongoing

Inspired by my nephew

What makes family moments meaningful? What makes kids interact with their family? Since I have moved to Stockholm, I have had a video call with my nephew and niece whenever I miss them. During the video call, my nephew, Jaewoo, loves playing around with AR camera filters and drawing his family. Once he told me that he wants to use his drawings as AR camera filters. He inspired me to create this app for kids and family with kids.

Screenshots of the video calls

We have played with face filters during the video calls

How might we create AR camera effects with kids' drawings?

AR Effects with Kids Artwork

Interact with Family

Playing Drodro with your family helps create fun memories and allows to share laughs together.



App icon








For two whole days, I spent time with my nephew (6yrs) and niece (3yrs) together. I observed them, drew together, and asked questions to know them deeply.

Key Insights


Kids prefer to draw on paper rather than smartphone or iPad.


They love to be complimented, especially by their parents.


Quality time is the key. Kids want your undivided attention. Show your interest.

Sketches & Wireframe

I had to consider kids. UI elements should be large to fit small finger sizes. And navigation principles should be simple.


With Facebook Spark AR Studio for creating AR effects, Sketch, and Framer, I created prototypes.

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