Brand Designer
who creates valuable
and playful experiences

I am Jiwon *pronounced /Ji-1/*, a graphic designer from Seoul, South Korea. I graduated in Design Lead from Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden.

I aim to create valuable and playful experiences that people love. With my background in advertising, my strength lies in brand design, storytelling, and conceptual thinking.


To-do-list app to get unpleasant tasks done in a fun way

Brand Identity, Naming, 3D, Digital Product Design, Concept


Kids' drawing AR filter app

AR, Brand Identity, Naming, Digital Product Design, Concept

Kentauros Typeface

Serif + Sans Serif Display Typeface


Worried Grandma's recipes

A recipe book to ease my grandma's worries

Book Design, Illustration, Naming


A New Brand identity for DPOrganizer

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

Book Messenger

Chatbot for children to read books

Chatbot, Digital Design, Art Direction