Brand Designer
who creates valuable
and playful experiences

I am Jiwon, a brand designer from Seoul, South Korea. I graduated in Design Lead from Hyper Island in Stockholm, Sweden.

I aim to create valuable and playful experiences that people love. With my background in advertising, my strength lies in brand design, graphic design, storytelling, and conceptual thinking.


Kids' drawing AR filter app

AR, Brand Identity, Naming, Digital Product Design, Concept


To-do-list app to get unpleasant tasks done in a fun way

Brand Identity, Naming, 3D, Digital Product Design, Concept

Kentauros Typeface

Serif + Sans Serif Display Typeface


Worried Grandma's recipes

A recipe book to ease my grandma's worries

Book Design, Illustration, Naming


A New Brand identity for DPOrganizer

Brand Identity, Motion Graphics

Book Messenger

Chatbot for children to read books

Chatbot, Digital Design, Art Direction