To-do-list app to get unpleasant tasks done in a fun way


Self-Initiated Project


Concept, Brand Design, 3D, Motion Design, Prototyping, Product Design, Research

Unpleasant tasks everyday

Do you find yourself facing unpleasant tasks every day? We all have them that we want to avoid. We often procrastinate, but unfortunately, they can't be ignored forever. What if we could find a way to motivate ourselves and make these tasks more delightful?

Get shit done. Flush it! 🚽

Flush all your unpleasant tasks for today. Flushit helps you get shits done ASAP and as fun as possible. I wanted to add delightful experience as flushing toilet to create memorable brand experience for users.


Get shits done more delightful.

Make boring tasks more fun

I also created Flushit emojis to make unpleasant tasks more delightful. They make the process more enjoyable and help you stay motivated with a smile.

Deadline is coming

Shitmoji will be crying and melting when a deadline is coming just an hour away. It's a unique and memorable way to keep you on track and ensure you meet your deadlines.