Self-Initiated Project

To-do-list app to get unpleasant tasks done in a fun way

Get shit done like playing a game! 🎮

We all have unpleasant tasks we need to finish every day. We don't want to do unpleasant tasks but there are things we have to do. Sometimes we procrastinate over and over again. And then we regret it. How do we motivate ourselves to get unpleasant tasks done? How can we get shits done as fun as possible? Get shit done! Flush it like playing a game!

Get shit done. Flush it! 🚽

Flush all your unpleasant tasks for today. Flushit helps you get shits done ASAP!

Shitmoji for the most unpleasant task 💩

Create your own Shitmoji for the most unplesant task. It helps you finish the most unpleasant task in a positive vibe and fun way.

Visuals for Flushit

Made a brand identity to feel like flushing shits